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2014-11-06Release of Q3 2014 results

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2014-08-07Release of Q2 2014 results
2014-05-08Release of Q1 2014 results
2014-04-29AGM 2014
2014-03-13Release of 2013 year end results
2013-11-07Results of Q3 2013 results
2013-08-08Release of Q2 2013 results
2013-05-10Release of Q1 2013 results
2013-04-25AGM 2013
2013-03-14Release of 2012 year end results
2012-11-08Release of Q3 2012 results
2012-08-09Release of Q2 2012 results
2012-05-24AGM 2012
2012-05-10Release of Q1 2012 results
2012-04-12Release of 2011 year end results
2012-02-23Release of preliminary year end 2011 results
2011-11-10Release of Q3 2011 results
2011-08-11Release of Q2 2011 results
2011-05-26AGM 2011
2011-05-12Release of Q1 2011 results
2011-04-14Release of 2010 year end results
2011-02-24Release of preliminary year end 2010 results