An update on Strappy ... the Mares Shark

April 11th, 2011

Regular readers will remember the story of Strappy the shark, who was untangled from a deadly belt of packing tape at the Neptune Islands in September. Strappy was rescued using a knife provided by Mares.

Mares has since adopted Strappy, supporting the Fox Shark Research Foundation through an elite sponsorship to further their tagging and research program.

The team at the Fox Shark Research Foundation have provided us with an update on Strappy, who is making great progress since having the tape removed from around him. Strappy has left the Neptune Islands with a very cute little pot belly, indicating that he has regained his appetite and has been enjoying some of the finer things in life. The Fox Shark Research team plan to fit Strappy with an acoustic tag funded by Mares when he next returns to the waters around the Neptune’s.

Mares is proud to support the cutting edge research conducted by the Fox Shark Research team. They are about to undertake a new research project looking at the process of how wounds heal in the sharks they study. The objective of the research is to determine the degree of success of wound healing in white sharks, which will be integral to cataloging the effects of hook damage from commercial and recreational fishing. Stay tuned for more updates on Strappy and the team from the Fox Shark Research Foundation!