An interview with women team member Ami Ayami

March 28th, 2006

First part: Training

What does a day of training entail for you?
Weight training and sometimes cycling

How many hours do you train during the season? Off season?
2 hours during the season and 4 hours during off season

Do you have a strict diet on and off season? What does a meal consist for you?
Agar diet (one of trend in Japan this year)
As for meals I try to take mainly vegetable protein.

Second part: Life as a skier

Does your lifestyle change a lot from on to off season?
Yes. During season: Ski instructor
Off season: wife

What would you say is the best thing (or things) about being (or have been) a professional skier?
I always keep in mind to be a skier who can make people joyful.

Where is the best place you have travelled to, because skiing has brought you to this place?
Asahidake ski area in Hokkaido / Japan

Since you are in the public eye and you have the ability to influence people, what would you like to project as a skier?
I think that my mission is to supply pleasure of skiing.

Third part: Life aspirations, life moments and jokes

If you were not a skier, what would you do? What would be another dream “job” for you?
Maybe, … a dog trainer, a graphic designer, …. café management…

What is the most touching moment that has happened to you, so far in your life?
Three straight victories of The International Ski Technical Contest. My special feature film was broadcasted by a TV program.

Tell me a funny story that has happened to you while travelling or at home for example?
When I was shopping I thought I closed an arm with my husband … but I felt something wrong … then I looked at his face ….he was not my husband!!