Peak Performance King of Style

November 14th, 2006

The 17 year old Sammy Carlson from USA won the Big Air contest for freeskiers - Peak Perfomance King of Style on the historic Olympic Arena Stockholm Stadion in Stockholm, Sweden. 24 skiers challenged the monster jump and young Carlson won with a "Switch 1080" - triple flip, starting and landing backwards.

This is just awesome. I have been so close so many times but this is the first really big event I won. The jump was amazing and everyone pulled off big air and great tricks, said the overwhelmed 17-year old Sammy Carlson.

Sweden's megastar Jon Olsson was fourth with his own original trick Kangaroo Flip - a double flip with screw.

The crowd was huge and cheered on the world elite in freeskiing when they jumped 25 metres in length and 6 metres above the kicker, meaning 17 metres above the ground. All the riders agreed this was probably the best city jump they have ever experienced. A huge jump – the start was 33 meters above the ground.

The winner Sammy Carlson was awarded King of Style, fame and glory and 7 000 USD. Second placed Richard Permin, France, walked out with 4 000 USD and third Andreas Håtveit from Norway with 2 000 USD.