Interview with Annemarie Gerg

February 10th, 2006

After the races in Ofterschwang, German Head skier Annemarie Gerg commented on the giant slalom and looks ahead to the Winter Games. Annemarie, you skied two giant slaloms in Ofterschwang. What are your thoughts?
Annemarie Gerg: Unfortunately, it didn't exactly go the way I had planned. I made it through yesterday, but I was slow. I was fast today, but then I was eliminated. Things can only get better at tomorrow's slalom.

Ski2b: How were the conditions here in Ofterschwang?
Annemarie: This is the best slope we've had this winter. The 70th skier could ski just as well as the first. No ruts or anything. It was the perfect slope to really give it your all.

Ski2b: Let's talk about the Winter Games. What
do you have planned there?
Annemarie: I'd like to put down two good runs, ski aggressively and have technically sound runs. Where that puts me, we'll have to see.

Ski2b: How are you doing with your injury? Is it still an obstacle for you?
Annemarie: It's not that bad. I still have the brace on so that nothing happens if I hit a gate. It's been more than four weeks since I was injured. Bones normally take six weeks to heal. It's looking good. However, an operation will be necessary in the spring because the bone hasn't set right. It'll be alright for the Olympics now, though.

Ski2b: What's on your schedule before the Games? When will you head to Turin?
Annemarie: We'll go to Turin on February 15. We'll have more training until the 12th and then three days off. Then it's time for the Olympics.

Ski2b: And your equipment. Are you happy with it?
Annemarie: I'm very happy with my Head skis. They're working great and run superbly.

Ski2b: Thank you very much for the interview.
Annemarie: Thank you, too.