Miller takes 3rd Place at the Wengen Super-Combined

January 11th, 2008

Head Racer Bode Miller performed well in the Super Combined on the slopes at Wengen in Switzerland on January 11, 2008. During the show it was Miller who provided a very powerful performance that assured him a 3rd Place podium position.

Cuche and Büchel shine in Lauberhorn
The prelude of the Super-Combinaed was the Downhill held on the run Kernen-S formerly known as Brüggli-S, which has the criteria to separate the strong from the weak. Head Racer Didier Cuche was the racer on Friday who was able to shine in all sections. He certainly showed this in his Downhill run, when he was able to clock the best time of the day and give himself the position as the favorite for the upcoming Special Downhill on January 13th. Behind him was his Head colleague Marco Büchel, and Miller in 4th Place. Cuche and Büchel did not enter the following Slalom competition.

Miller performs in the Slalom
With another aggressive and powerful performance in the Slalom, Miller was again able to reach the podium. The American has now moved up to 3rd Place in the Super Combinaed, and into 4th Place in the Overall World Cup Standings. The men will be competing in Switzerland on the 12th and 13th of January, with two exciting races in Slalom and in the Downhill.