Jon Olsson Super Sessions

March 19th, 2009

Jon Olsson turns Super Sessions into the ideal freestyle contest

To organise a freeskiing contest can be quite simple thing – then the event will turn out “nice, but nothing special“. Or organisation is terribly complicated, straining, nerve-wracking and means a lot of work and the contest is a clacker. The third possibility with even more and more intensive pre-arrangements is really rare. Without a doubt, the last adjective has to be used for the Jon Olsson Super Sessions, founded, planned and organised by freeski superstar Jon Olsson. “It is more than an event…more a dream come true!“ the 26-year-old Olsson describes his event. It is probably one of the most challenging things he has ever done during his whole career, Olsson says on his homepage.

Many of the factors required to pull together a contest of this magnitude and quality seemed to work against Jon. Right before the fifth edition of the fantastic event at the end of the season, the world stumbled into financial crisis whose results and end is not in sight. Accordingly the search for sponsors was very difficult. Additionally there were serious problems because of the date, the contest should take place. At the end there was no chance to hold the Super Sessions only in Are (SWE) as it was planned before, because of the Swedish holidays. Together, Jon and the team from Are had to admit, that there is no option to juggle both, the tourists and the whole event in one single ski resort due to the lack of space. “Unlike other events, we are not talking about one little nice jump…“ head organiser Jon Olsson said. By no means. We are talking about five huge obstacles that should and definitely will inspire riders, filmers and photographers for the two weeks long Super Sessions. During the five years since the premiere of his own competition, the Jon Olsson Invitational, the Swede always worked on the perfect staging of a freeskiing event like he has in mind. The Super Sessions 2009 – taking place March 20th to April 4th - are pretty, pretty close to that ideal.

“I have always wanted to fuse all aspects: To combine the best imaginable variety of backdrops, showing the rest of the world just how good we can party in Stockholm and I wanted the amazing light and atmosphere that only Scandinavia can offer. Finally, I’ve been able to turn that dream into a reality by squeezing it all into one big and crazy concept. One single thing remains: To bring on the show!” Jon Olsson explains. The solution for that all round concept is the so called JOSS Tour. After arriving in Stockholm, the riders get ready for a party night in the Swedish capital before the bus will take them to Trysil (NOR) the next day. Finding two big jumps there, the teams of two compatriot freeskiers, two filmers and a photographer have got one week to capture the best shots on celluloid or memory chip. After one week, the JOSS entourage moves to Are. There the riders will face three more obstacles, containing also the Big Air for the Jon Olsson Invitational on Friday night, where eleven additional qualified riders will compete as well. To celebrate the winners, the whole event will end with the ceremony of the JOSS awards who will be given to the team that produces the best 5 minute film edit and gets the best photo score after 14 days will win JOSS 2009.

“Two resorts, two countries, two weeks. Twice as good if you ask me!“Jon Olsson describes the enlargement of the Jon Olsson Super Sessions. “I’m a bit of a perfectionist.“ And an enthusiast, otherwise he would have never maintained the energy and effort required to organise everything. Since the premiere of the Jon Olsson Invitational in 2005, Jon Olsson became the first freeskier to have his own contest. But Jon wouldn’t be Jon as if there wasn’t still another aspect that he can focus on – remaining in his ski boots, but not in freeskiing. He has also held the title of the Swedish champion in Giant Slalom for several years, Jon is training to qualify for the Winter Olympics 2010, but he still manages to take enough breaks from race training to organise one of the largest freeski contests of the year and continue to evolve his freeskiing style.