Scottish Snowsports Festival

December 27th, 2011

Scottish Snowsports Festival - Scottish Freestyle Invitationals - Edinburgh
Becky then had an overnight journey up to Edinburgh in Scotland to compete in the Scottish Snowsports Invitational. This was an event to be held on a city street with 50 tonnes of snow shipped in especially for the event. Becky competed against 40 other invited riders of all ages and a mix of boarders and skiers. Becky was stoked to be one of only two female boarders to make it through to the final, although the title of overall female went to one of the skiiers. Becky had an amazing time demonstrating her skills to the packed crowd of on lookers and shoppers. Becky said "The atmosphere was amazing and when the crowd cheered after I landed a trick, it felt so cool".
Becky's has had an awesome start to her season, having just recently taken 5 first places in the Burton High 5 series of events. Next year will see her competing in various major competitions across Europe as part of the GB Freestyle Snowboarding Team.