Scubalab tester’s choice

September 5th, 2013

The i3 LiquidSkin uses three lenses to create itsexpanded view. The front lens provides an 80-degree horizontal view; the side lenses increase this to 140 degrees. Refraction creates about 20 degrees of dead space between where the front lens leaves off and the side lenses pick up; however, if you can deal with that, you’ll radically increase what you can see on your flanks.

The i3’s skirt uses two types of silicone — firmer near the frame for structural support, ultrasoft where it comes in contact with the skin.
New push-button buckles allow for easy adjustment of the dual-silicone strap.

Also available in a Sunrise version with a smaller nose pocket and wider skirt, the i3 earned the Testers’ Choice in its category.

- Horizontal view: 80°-140°
- Upward view: 40°
- Downward view: 45°
- Volume: medium
- Colors: Blue, Yellow, Black
- Skirt: Black or Clear
- Dry weight: 7 oz
- Warranty: 2 Years

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