Gianluca Genoni New World Record!

October 4th, 2010

New world record for Gianluca Genoni!
Saturday October 2nd, 2 miles from the coast of Zoagli: Gianluca could reach the depth of 152mt diving with a special underwater scooter.
"It has been a great challenge. Diving so deep is always difficult and today the total apnea time has been pretty long.
It has been anyway a fantastic emotion, the emotion that pushes me each time to search for new goals. This month has been wonderfull and I would like to thank all the people that has been involved in the organization and that cooperate to achieve this ambitious goal".

It was around 9.45 in the morning when Gianluca after his preparation on the surface with breathing exercises he started his dive up to 152 mt ...

A freediving descent with an underwater scooter is a new discipline that requires a high level of concentration form the Athlete that must have a perfect clear mind in all the phases of the descent and the ascent to be able to manage all the technical steps of the dive: the control of the trajectory while equalizing, the turn at the bottom, the special inflatable jacket.

Genoni was wearing equipment specially studied for this record by Mares.

He has been assisted during his preparation and of course during the record by the professional staff of Abyss Diving center in Rapallo.

Congratulation to Gianluca from all Mares Team!