• Upgrade your game with the new Graphene Radical.*

THE NEW HEAD Graphene RADICAL. More unpredictable than ever.

„Hi! Have you already tested my new racquet? I hope it will help you improve your skills and add something unpredictable to your game. Reviews are very welcome! Everybody who writes one has a chance to win a personal training with me. So, good luck and never stop upgrading your game! Yours, Andy“


The HEAD YouTek™ Graphene Radical Pro

The Radical Pro has a higher weight for more power which makes it the most aggressive Radical in the line. It optionally can be equipped with a longer pro-player cap for increased power and unique feel.


20/23/21 mm
Head size
630 cm2/98 in2
Weight (unstrung)
310 g/10.9 oz
Balance (unstrung)
315 mm/1“ HL
String Pattern
16/19 dynamic




  • Christian | 06.08.2014 | 00.39 | Recommented this racquet

    absolutely solid racket could very easy get a third maybe a fourth one. they are every easy to play with and don't take a lot of time to get use to. doesn't need any customizing what so ever weight is perfect and give great power and control.

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  • omar | 23.04.2014 | 23.26 | Recommented this racquet

    Molto equilibrata, abbina potenza elevata a controllo notevole

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  • Matthew | 12.04.2014 | 09.28 | Recommented this racquet

    Not the balance I would typically expect from a player's frame but I added some lead tape under the grip and this racket is now fantastic. Amazing spin potential and power!

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  • Ntinos | 06.04.2014 | 17.54

    it is a fabulous racket

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  • Juan Carlos | 27.03.2014 | 22.48 | Recommented this racquet

    Combina control, potencia y efectos.

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  • Michael | 24.03.2014 | 18.52 | Recommented this racquet

    I've been playing with the new Head Graphene Radical since it was released and all I can say is Head really knocked it out of the park with this new model. I've seen huge improvements with my ground strokes, volleys are a touch on the soft side but has good touch. I've since added the new player cap to my frames and it really makes this racket solid! It's like this racket just came to life! The power is exceptional and volleys are very crisp and solid while still holding good touch at the net. About the only downside to the player cap is the balance change it creates as it adds 1/2 an ounce to the frame and changes the balance drastically.

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  • Luke | 12.03.2014 | 21.42 | Recommented this racquet

    Felt like a very sound racket all around, however it could've done with slightly more weight to give that extra edge of precision and control! The design is also quite appealing and especially like the new smart material graphene which I think gives that extra component of feel to the shot.

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  • Pablo | 07.03.2014 | 14.25 | Recommented this racquet

    The new HEAD Radical Pro has surpised me. I have tried the previous versions but none have matched with my game style. I also have tested the Graphene Speed Pro, a good racquet but with high vibration issues that makes me conclude that this racquet has not fit to my game. So I found the new Radical Pro Graphene...and it is amazing !! With more control than its previous versions (almost the same relation power x control than Speed Pro) , but with almost ZERO vibrations...easy to swing, easy to serve, easy to volley, lacks a little on touch/feel, but it compensates on its spin generation ability. All in all, a racquet that allows you to play like you want.

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  • Joseph | 05.02.2014 | 17.41 | Recommented this racquet

    i have been using a radical pro for 3 years now and i love the everything about it the light weight of the new Radical Pro makes it easier to rally in longer matches it is the best and only racket i would choose on any day. it is my favorite Weapon on the court and i will keep using this racket no matter what. thanks team HEAD for making such a great racket oh and Go Andy on the Davis Cup.

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  • Elijah | 02.02.2014 | 19.16 | Recommented this racquet

    This is an amazing racket, i just got it and my game has improved so much, i feel as god as andy murray.

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  • Sanjay | 20.01.2014 | 23.26 | Recommented this racquet

    I previously played with the Head Speed MP 315 which I liked for its dense control 18x20 string pattern, consistent response and head light balance. After trying the Graphene Radical Pro I didn't want to pick the 'speeds' up again. The graphene radical was everything I had not expected! It is powerful but does not sacrifice control, the balance is less head light than the speed which gives ball speed and spin without being cumbersome. Finally, it 'feels' lively, which is hard to explain but the racket gives you a crisp 'ball contact' sensation unlike any other racket I have played with. It does not feel stiffly harsh like the Aero ProDrive but sturdy and comforting. I love it and suggest you try one with a nice string so that you can appreciate the new Radical.

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  • Christen | 20.01.2014 | 01.28 | Recommented this racquet

    I really love this racquet, it feels great when i first touched it. I felt i was unpredictable and was getting good ground strokes and a great volley and overhead. My serve with this racquet was amazing and felt like I was playing in the Professional Tournament, and playing some what like Andy Murray. I really love you skills and strategy and how you move with the ball and the position of your hits. It really is a great racquet to play with and I recommend to other player who want a great power and control racquet to play with this racquet.

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  • Thomas | 14.01.2014 | 15.14 | Recommented this racquet

    Der neue Radikal Pro ist wirklich gelungen. Mir gefällt dennoch der Prestige Pro am besten.

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  • jorge | 13.01.2014 | 23.48 | Recommented this racquet

    me hace tener un juego perfctamente impredecible

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  • Andy | 13.01.2014 | 22.17 | Recommented this racquet

    A good blend of power and control, a lighter racquet than my previous ones, yet has a good swing weight to give it the plow through when hitting groundstrokes. Able to generate very good spin on my serves, and got used to the more open string pattern fairly quickly. On my top 3 list of 2014 racquets to swap to!

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  • Tristan | 13.01.2014 | 21.43 | Recommented this racquet

    What a racket. What a weapon. Spin, power, supreme control and best of all, a seamless swing. My game became complete with this racket. I felt solid, tricky, stronger and better than ever. Head have created something special here.

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  • Gaston | 13.01.2014 | 18.18 | Recommented this racquet

    ES UNA RAQUETA MUY BUENA . Cuando jugue me sorprendio de la buena censacion que centia cuando le pegava a la pelota Ahora que juego con esa raqueta tengo mas potencia y control al jugar Muy buena raqueta les recomiendo !!!

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  • Alejandro | 10.01.2014 | 11.06 | Recommented this racquet

    ...power machine...!

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  • Thomas | 10.01.2014 | 11.06 | Recommented this racquet

    This is really radically...!!!

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  • Patrick | 10.01.2014 | 11.06 | Recommented this racquet

    Super cooles Design

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