New HEAD Campaign "ONE FOR ALL"
November 8th, 2012

Sun’s out. A lovely mountain road. A car full of good friends: Lindsey, Julia, Ted, Simon, Jon, Aksel, Bode and the new HEAD REV. Everything seems just peachy. But in reality, they are in the eye of the storm. They know a decision must be made. And in the end there can be only one.

A film with a star-studded-cast. A story about people who are used to winning. A tale about fate, the love for sport and about friendships taken to the test: Introducing «ONE FOR ALL», the new HEAD clip!

But not only can the viewer laugh and cry with our heroes, on, HEAD gives everyone the opportunity to challenge the HEAD Pros and come out a winner himself.

And this is how it works:
Visit and like the page. Every month you can challenge a new HEAD Pro at Rock-Paper-Scissors: Lindsey Vonn in November, Simon Dumont in December, Aksel Lund Svindal in January and Julia Mancuso in February. Choose your weapons wisely! Or you will be bombed. But with a good hand you can win a Meet & Greet with one of our team riders and a new HEAD REV ski.

Check out the video on

Want to play our Pros and take your chance to win a Meet & Greet? Check out "Rock, Paper, Scissors" on