Svindal wins 12th career Super G in Val Gardena
December 20th, 2013

Aksel Lund Svindal produced a run that had the rest of the field standing back in awe to win the Super G in Val Gardena for his 12th Super G World Cup win of his career. Svindal tore into the course from the top and gradually built a commanding and healthy lead over Jan Hudec who lead and eventually placed second ahead of Adrien Theaux with Kjetil Jansrud in fourth.

Svindal felt that he “had not quite had the perfect run but it was a good run” as he does not feel you will hear a ski racer say that because “snow is different with every turn, you will never do every turn perfect, the ski will bounce a little bit, you might lose the line a little more than you thought because it is a little softer there. Skiing is way to complex to ski perfect.”

Svindal said after the race that “I had a good chance today and I took it.”

While Hudec felt that without a few mistakes at the bottom he could have been closer to Svindal, he recognised that the HEAD World Cup Rebel was too good on the day for him.

Kjetil Jansrud admitted “it is nice to be in fourth place!” He then added that “I have been doing small steps all along the way, I did not feel so comfortable in Canada and the US. This is way better! I am really happy with fourth place. It would be stupid to be angry for my fourth place especially after the year I have been through. I made a small mistake coming out of Ciaslat; it caught me by surprise; this may have cost me the podium.”

Undoubtedly one of the happiest men in the finish area was Hans Olsson as he stormed down the course from a start number of 55 to place 15th. Olsson had a nightmare season last year with injury and spoke after the race: “I was not feeling that good but when it feels like this it is usually fast,” Olsson happily explained. “I never felt like quitting but after all the x-rays and they were not so good, I was thinking maybe that is it. I am now just so happy to be here and ski again. 15th is like a victory for me!”

Rainer Salzgeber, HEAD Racing Manager was delighted with the victory for Svindal but that had a few of the other racers not made mistakes, then there could have been more racers further up the results.

1. Aksel Lund Svindal (NOR) HEAD
2. Jan Hudec (CAN)
3. Adrien Theaux (FRA)
4. Kjetil Jansrud (NOR) HEAD
7. Georg Streitberger (AUT) HEAD
8. Bode Miller (USA) HEAD
13. Beat Feuz (SUI) HEAD
15. Hans Olsson (SWE) HEAD
21. Andrew Weibrecht (USA) HEAD
22. Johan Clarey (FRA) HEAD
24. Silvano Verettoni (ITA) HEAD
30. Silvan Zurbriggan (SUI) HEAD
30. Tobias Stechert (GER) HEAD