Vonn wins 16th Globe of her career
March 15th, 2012

Vonn edges closer to the magic points total

It may not have been the result that she was looking for in her quest to break the magic 2000 points barrier, but 6th place for Lindsey Vonn secured her sixteenth Crystal Globe of her career. In a race that was decided by early start numbers, Vonn starting the seventh and final Super G of the season with number 17 had to cope with the softening snow. Vonn looked to be on course for the win and was 1.22 seconds ahead at the final split before an error saw her lose speed and drop off the pace. The race was won by Viktoria Rebensburg with Julia Mancuso in second and Marion Rolland in third.

Vonn has now won the Super G Globe four years in a row and the points gained from this race have edged her closer to the current goal: Breaking the 2000 point barrier set by Hermann Maier in 2000. Vonn now has 1948 and two races left to break the record.

“I felt like I skied really well today,” Vonn said. “I came in (to the bottom part of the course) with a little more speed than most of the girls and my line was too direct. I made a mistake and lost a lot of time … that’s something that happens sometimes in super G. It’s disappointing because I was on a good track to make 2,000 points, but I still have two races left so I’ll try to do well in the last GS and slalom. It’s tough sometimes to gauge your speed and your line in super G, but I’m really excited to get this title. It’s been a tough one this year. Anna Fenninger and Jules have been giving me a run for my money.”

The race saw the retirement of one of the HEAD World Cup Rebels, Anja Paerson. With 19 career World Championship and Olympic Games medals, Paerson finished 8th in the last race of her 14 year World Cup career. There was still time for one last belly slide, her trademark victory parade!

With Vonn winning the Globe, Anna Fenninger placed third in the season long standings after finishing fourth in the race. “I need to find more consistency,” she explained after the race in which had she won, she would have had a chance of taking the Globe.

1. Viktoria Rebensburg (GER)
2. Julia Mancuso (USA)
3. Marion Rolland (FRA)
4. Anna Fenninger (AUT) HEAD
8. Anja Paerson (SWE) HEAD
11. Lizz Goergl (AUT) HEAD
17. Maria Hoefl-Riesch (GER) HEAD