Anders Backe staring down a world record
February 21st, 2012

Anders Backe is truly a remarkable character. Coming back from a torn ACL in less than 8 months solidifies his status as almost superhuman. Now he is planning to take it even further.

After months of planning and training, Anders is ready to make his mark on history, by setting a new world record, and putting his name in the famous Guinness Book of Records. Anders plans to be the first human to reach over 100kmt, skiing downhill – switch (backwards).

To do this, Anders has teamed up with the ski-jumping facility in his hometown of Vikersund, the only facility that enables him to get so much speed – and has enough ground in the bottom to make sure he brakes safely.

This has been a feat Anders Backe has been keen on doing for years, so it is fantastic to see his idea come to life.

source: ''Burn Intense Energy'