Fenninger survives to take Gold, Hoefl-Riesch the silver
February 15th, 2014

Anna Fenninger produced the run of the day to win the Super G at the 2014 Winter Olympic Super G. On a day when the racer who made the least amount of costly errors won, Fenninger managed to keep her speed after clattering a gate near the finish. Maria Hoefl-Riesch challenged Fenninger the whole way down but a mistake approaching the bottom saw her scrub a load of speed off and she was delighted with second place – “I have another medal,” she gleefully explained! Niki Hosp took third place.

The race started with a number of racers struggling to cope with the icy turns at the top of the course and then not reading the line off the jump at the bottom of the course. Kajsa Kling looked to be heading for top spot before becoming a victim of the line at the finish jump. Kling had attacked the top and was comfortably leading when she succumbed to the line.

For Fenninger, she was quick to praise the advice that had been radioed up to her by the Austrian team coach on the crucial section by the jump. The advice saved her run she felt.

For Hoefl-Riesch she was surprised by how quickly she came to the jump and her impression had not been so good after it. Yet when she saw that she was second in the finish – the relief was immense. "This is my 10th (Olympic and world championship) medal and my first silver. Of course, gold would have been better, but I'm still very proud, especially because it was on such a difficult course,"

Julia Mancuso was one of the many racers to pay the course a little too much respect after having watched the early racers: “I definitely watched too many people make mistakes, and I skied too conservative,” said Mancuso. “And it takes magic on race day, and you can’t really care what anyone else is doing, and that’s kind of what happened to me. Still, I’m happy to make it to the finish, and it’s still a good race for my season, and it makes me happy I had that magic in the super (combined).”

Olympic Champion: Anna Fenninger (AUT)
Silver medal: Maria Hoefl-Riesch (GER)
Bronze medal: Niki Hosp (AUT)
8. Julia Mancuso (USA)