Skiing sinceDay one
Favorite Trick360
Favorite Ski ResortLemon Lake, Norway
Favorite Musicgood music
Favorite SportsSki, soccer
Other HobbiesFlyfishing, skate, tennis, surf, hunting
Favorite FoodMeat or fish I’ve hunted down and prepared myself, for me and my girl always boosts my morale. It gives perspective and sort of makes me feel like a man eventhough it tastes way better when my mom is doing the cooking.
Favorite DrinkWater, beer, milk and coke is all I need.
If you could be a cartoon character, which one would you be?Silver Surfer
Personal GoalTo get by without causing any serious damage to anyone including myself, and have a good time while doing it
Skiing Goallook above
How would you describe yourself in three words?rude while drunk
Best day in lifeI hope, has yet to come
Do you sing in the shower?I’d rather not say
Life Long DreamThis is getting personal..
If you had a time machine, what year and place would you go to?1969, Woodstock festival
What’s hot these days?I live in Norway, up in the valleys. I’ll tell you next year.
What’s hot and shouldn’t be?I hear dubstep is about to pop and I really don’t think it should!
Film appearancesSide by Side – Field Productions
Eyes wide open – Field Productions
Magic Moves – Field Productions
Loyalty - 4frnt team movie
Stop Go Stop – Peak Performance
  • 20112. place, Freeride World Tour, St. Moritz - Switzerland
  • 20103. Place, Freeride World Tour Qualifier, Røldal – Norway
  • 20091. Place Freeride world Tour Qualifier, Monte Rosa - Italy