LX / SX Kinematics

The Next Big Step in Bindings.

As the worldwide leaders in binding sales and technology, we believe in challenging the status quo. Not just in the safety, convenience, or aesthetics of our products, but also in the performance. To this end, for 2011/2012 we have reinvented our S and L toes, and raised the standard - again.

HEAD SX and LX toes: They don’t just look smart and solid, they also have a completely new kinematic layout to match. These new toes offer:

  • More Power directed to the ski for highly precise, less fatiguing turns (tilt stability).

  • Faster Re-Centering and increased horizontal stability for more exact ski steering and better performance throughout the day, widest-possible screw placement for precise big mountain ski performance.

  • More Vertical Tolerance for accommodating various sole thicknesses (and a little muck, too), as well as precise ski control.

We’re not bragging, we’re just sayin’ that these bindings out-ski our competition and take binding performance to the next level for the next generation of skiers.