Cube3 Technology

EASY AS 1, 2, 3

Making an entirely new boot, we decided to tackle the one challenge every skier faces every day on the mountain: To combine great skiing performance with great walking performance.

After all, on any given day, we spend up to 30% of our time outside of the binding.


    Thanks to a new quick entry geometry, the Cube3 is extremely easy to get into. Simply tilt back the shaft and step in.

    In addition, the 3-buckle construction with an oversized top buckle allows easy and quick buckling in and a great, snug fit.


    Outside of the binding, the shaft of the Cube3 is always unlocked, allowing natural walking.


    The moment you step into your binding the patented integrated AutoSkiWalk mechanism blocks the shaft, allowing you to speed off down the mountain without bowing, bending or buckling.This, in combination with the (patended) SoftWalk heel and grip system on the heel, makes the Cube3 a superb walking boot.