HEAD presenteerde afgelopen seizoen de spectaculaire Aircoat technologie. Aircoat is een holle glasvezel. Normaal wordt glasvezel (een composiet materiaal) als een massieve draad “getrokken”, maar bij Aircoat is de kern van de vezel hol; er zit gewoon lucht in.

  • Super Light + Super Strong = Super Agile

    While everybody is trying to make the core of their skis lighter, we decided to put air in the surrounding fiberglass. AIRCOAT means our fibers are hollow, not only making our skis super light, but extremely agile and strong at the same time. This technology, also used in the aerospace industry, is the main reason, why AIRCOAT equipped skis most probably are the lightest skis on the market.


    40% LIGHTER – Regular glass fibers are solid, whereas AIRCOAT fibers are hollow. This reduces the overall weight of the fiberglass in a ski up to 40%. And since there is a lot of glass in a ski, this makes a big difference.


    SAME STRENGTH – The hollow fiber has both a higher
    compression strength and a higher specific strength than any solid fiber. This makes hollow fibers at least as strong as conventional, full fibers.


    MORE AGILITY – The combination of lighter weight and increased strength in Hollow Glass fibers results in more resilience and agility of the ski. Hollow glass fibers are more responsive and faster in both absorbing and transmitting energy to and from the edge of your skis.