Extreme Spin

The YouTek™ IG Extreme is made for players who prefer the modern, aggressive way of playing Tennis. The special construction makes it stronger and more powerful than ever before, while still providing extreme spin.

Extreme Racquets

YouTek™ IG Extreme Pro 2.0

All the benefits of the Extreme MP 2.0 in a heavier, stiffer version. This aggressive Tour racquet provides all of the extra touch, power and massive spin you want for an aggressive game.

* HEAD PRO Players may play with different racquets from the model shown.

Extreme Racquets

Weight:315 g - 11.1 oz
Head size:645 cm² - 100 in²
Weight:300 g - 11.6 oz
Head size:645 cm² - 100 in²
Weight:280 g - 9.9 oz
Head size:690 cm² - 107 in²