Effortless Power

If you are looking for effortless power, you should test the HEAD YouTek™ Graphene Instinct. Thanks to its revolutionary construction with the world’s strongest and lightest material, Graphene, this racquet provides an optimal redistribution of weight giving you more power with even less effort. So enjoy playing – and winning.

Instinct ракетки

Graphene Instinct MP

Graphene Instinct дарит великолепную комбинацию мощности и комфорта. Для динамичной игры.

* HEAD PRO Players may play with different racquets from the model shown.

Instinct ракетки

Вес:300 g - 10.6 oz
Head size:645 cm² - 100 in²
Вес:270 g - 9.5 oz
Head size:660 cm² - 102 in²
Вес:245 g - 8.6 oz
Head size:645 cm² - 100 in²
Вес:225 g - 7.9 oz
Head size:740 cm² - 115 in²