Absolute Precision

When aiming for absolute precision, every millimeter counts. Thanks to Graphene, the world’s strongest and lightest material, the new HEAD YouTek™ Graphene Prestige offers an optimal redistribution of weight, providing all your razor-sharp shots with even more power – at less effort. And while the ball remains in, you stand out.

Prestige ракетки

Graphene Prestige REV Pro

The brand new Graphene Prestige highlight model features an extraordinary power level per weight combined with outstanding maneuverability and precision. This ideal combination perfectly suits the aggressive game of younger ambitious rebels.

* HEAD PRO Players may play with different racquets from the model shown.

Prestige ракетки

Вес:300 g - 10.6 oz
Head size:600 cm² - 93 in²
Вес:320 g - 11.3 oz
Head size:630 cm² - 98 in²
Вес:315 g - 11.1 oz
Head size:630 cm² - 98 in²
Вес:305 g - 10.8 oz
Head size:630 cm² - 98 in²
Вес:270 g - 9.5 oz
Head size:690 cm² - 107 in²