Radical Creativity

With the new HEAD YouTek™ Graphene Radical, all your tricks come down to one. Thanks to Graphene, the world’s strongest and lightest material, this racquet offers an optimal redistribution of weight to provide better handling and let you swing with more power. So now with less effort, your game becomes even more Radical.

Radical Racquets

Graphene Radical Pro

The Radical Pro has a higher weight for more power which makes it the most aggressive Radical in the line. It optionally can be equipped with a longer pro-player cap for increased power and unique feel.

The Pro Player Cap has the following impact on the Radical Pro:
Weight: +15g
Swingweight: +27mm
Balance: +7mm

* HEAD PRO Players may play with different racquets from the model shown.

Radical Racquets

Weight:310 g - 10.9 oz
Head size:630 cm² - 98 in²
Weight:295 g - 10.4 oz
Head size:630 cm² - 98 in²
Weight:280 g - 9.9 oz
Head size:660 cm² - 102 in²
Weight:260 g - 9.2 oz
Head size:630 cm² - 98 in²